I lost the connection
Finally and completely
I don’t know when it happened.
Maybe some time ago,
when the voice was breaking,
I should have taken a hint.
But dumb that I am,
I dialed the number again.

My heart ached in the night,
after that call, as I could taste the bitterness
Now that I think… It was always there.
It was there when we held hands when we sang songs
when we laughed and cried together
It was there… just sugarcoated

I overthink and realize,
I might too have sowed these bitter seeds
In someone’s life
Sugarcoated them layer by layer.
Till the time we held hands
Till the time we had a connection

And as I waved a ‘bye’… maybe I was saying “Goodbye”
By now… they too must have realized…
It was never a candy, it was a pill. A pill of truth.
Truth tastes bitter, doesn’t it?

With a grudging heart, I pull my blanket
Deciding never again… will I try to bridge the gap
between our parted hands
My hands may itch, to hold on to theirs
But never again… will I outstretch my arms
‘Cause I’ve lost a connection
Finally and completely.

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  1. Tryambak Katkar 11/07/2020 at 8:54 AM

    ?? सुंदर मेसेज

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