Apart from short stories and poems, Amrapali has written some plays and a short film. Writing plays has been a crucial part of her journey as a writer as it stroked the thought process, matured her thinking about character building. Some of her work is listed below:

Prize Winner Story: Tyre

Tyre-the story won the prize in Pratilipi’s short-story competition. Tyre tells a tale of friendship of rockhead ‘Bandya’ and goody two shoes ‘Mohasin’. The story takes you to those little gullies of your hometown, where us 90’s kids had fun. Bandya’s bullheaded character unfolds the innocence of school-life. The two inseparable friends drift apart as one of them leaves for higher education, only to realize how life has changed for both.

- Story Written by Amrapali Mahajan

Short Film - Tatvam Asi-You Are That

A guy with heartbreak contemplates about life, death and reincarnation. The short film talks about the concept of Good and Bad Karma and Antaratma.

- Screenplay By Amrapali Mahajan

Play - Anvay

First, play written ever- for Purushottam Karandak Spardha– 2011. Anvay was based on O Henry’s famous short story “The Last Leaf”. A beautiful play situated in the 1960’s when all of India was culturally growing. Two lively girls Anupama and Madhumalati with big dreams of being a famous artist and a writer, lead the story along with quirky side characters –‘Shaku Atya and ‘Chitrakar bai’

- Writer - Amrapali Mahajan

Play - 'KHA' Kholicha

Kha Kholicha was a Solo act, based on book ‘Room by Emma Donoghue’. Teenager ‘Ninad’ joins a therapy group discussion and opens up about his tormenting childhood. Ninad had lived in Room for his developing age and it is getting difficult to cope with the outside world when he and his mother comes out of the room. The play unfolds tender relation between Ninad and his mother and fearsome presence of ‘Kha’ is Ninad’s life.

- Story Written by Amrapali Mahajan

Play - Mrugdarpan

A musical drama. Strong yet vulnerable ‘Indu’ longs for the lost love of ‘Ghanshyam’. In the era where women going to college was frowned upon, Indu falls in love with Ghanshyam only to be separated and forcefully married with an older man. The emotional turmoil of Indu was depicted through profound monologues, theatrical gimmicks as well as through amazing performances by Bharatnatyam dancers.

- Writer - Amrapali Mahajan