Dureghi’ – ‘दुरेघी’ is one of the best Marathi and English literature websites. It has a collection of best | top marathi short stories (laghukatha, katha), moral stories (bodhkatha), stories for kids (balkatha), blog series, Marathi | English poems (Kavita) and guest articles from renowned personalities. It also has a section for a book review with a focus on Marathi book reviews along with English books. Readers can read unlimited literature (sahitya) online for free on ‘Dureghi’. Sit back and get ready to enter another life for a while. When you’re done, make sure that you pass this experience to your near and dear ones. 

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About Dureghi

Dureghi has a sense of nostalgia and is a reminder of simpler times where our world was full of imagination. It is that first letter you wrote in those two lines which became the start of a story.

Short Stories

Welcome to the short stories section of Dureghi! It includes blends of different genre of Marathi stories by  Amrapali Mahajan.

Blog Stories

Blog Series

There’s just nothing more relaxing than cozying up with stories, blogs on your tablet, cell phone or e-reader. On ‘Dureghi’, Amrapali Mahajan has come out with interesting Marathi blog series and new reads to love.


Poetry is the most beautiful form of expression in any language. They are a quick escape from the materialistic world. We don’t want these miracles to be forgotten.



We believe ‘stories’ can influence lives. ‘Kanosa’ is a weekly column, where writers connect with the audience through Marathi mini-stories. These stories will ensure you realize that you are not alone in your journey. You may get different feelings like messages in simplified form, sharing happiness & sorrows and much more in the smaller world of ‘Kanosa’