Dureghi - A Letter To Story

Dureghi takes you to the place where you built forts in front-yard, finished your homework hurriedly to go play with your gully-gang, where your dreams saw no ceiling and you knew you could fly by just wearing a cape. The place where you slept in Grandma’s lap listening to all amazing tales. Dureghi has a sense of nostalgia and is a reminder of simpler times where our world was full of imagination. It is that first letter you wrote in those two lines which became a start of the story.


About Author

I wish to call myself a passionate writer because I know when I start talking about it, there is no stopping me! I have been told, that my eyes light up when I talk about my stories, characters or in general about writing. Though I am a mainstream mechanical engineer by profession, I figured my love for storytelling when I wrote a well-received play “Anvay” for ‘Purushottam Karandak’. After college, I wrote many short stories, a few commercial plays and short films, but I realized that these stories could mean something to someone when I unfolded this Blog Series – ‘Soni, Baba, ani ChaalisPora’ – I received encouraging feedback from many strangers and keep receiving it. My short stories started doing well on websites like ‘Pratilipi’ and ‘Quora.’

After the series, I commenced another blog, because I cannot keep myself from writing. I see people and wonder what their stories could be. I see these characters and think about what would happen if I put them into these situations. I grew up in a family which loves sharing anecdotes, I slept in my grandma’s lap listening to stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana. I think that’s where it all started. It began when I started tracing those letters ‘Ga, Ma, Bha, Na’ in between those two lines. Hence the name – Dureghi. After writing for many years with long gaps in between, I accidentally met with wonderful people Vasanti and Manoj Mulajkar. And with their initiative, this Website came to its shape.

If you stumble upon this website and happen to like my content, do drop a ‘hi’!

Apart from writing, I love to watch Animated Movies, ‘cause they are made with and for pure hearts. I am fond of good content, intelligent writing and direction in Sitcoms, TV series and good movies. I prefer to read Marathi literature and write in Marathi as this language has a special place in the heart. I can read Pu.La. and G.A. again and again, because these great people have been an inspiration for me.

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Founders and Employees of VM3 have fond of reading, blogging and watching short movies. When we met ‘Amrapali’ and found her literature interesting, the idea started evolving to create a digital platform around art & creativity theme. We started interacting with various Artists and people working in Art & Creativity field to prepare an outline of the website. If you have any feedback about “Dureghi”, please reach out to us.