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रूदाली (Rudali)

Sometimes ago, I saw this movie, Coco. A song “La Llorona” really got stuck in my head. Obviously I googled it and found some interesting threads. This song is also pictured as a tribute to Frida Kahlo’s life (this reference is cleverly used in Pixar’s movie coco).

La Llorona (the weeping woman) is a Spanish folk song. There are a lot of beautiful verses on Wikipedia. I went on reading them, one after another, I was so overwhelmed. That night, I couldn’t sleep, I thought of adding a few verses in Marathi. In the middle of the night, I opened my notebook and penned down these two verses.

रूदाली, रूदाली, तू बघतेयस ना
आक्रंदणाऱ्या आकाशाला
रूदाली,तुझ्या सावळ्या गालावरच्या
थेंबात दिस झाकोळला
आक्रोशात तुझ्या कोण जाणे
का हजारो सुयांची कळ
उरात तुझ्या आहे मात्र
मिणमिणती प्रेमाची आठवण

रूदाली, तू ऐकतेयस ना?
ऐकतेयस ना, चकोराची विराणी
रूदाली, तुझ्या हुंकारात
लपली विरहाची गाणी
उर बडवताना हातभर
कांकणांची किणकिणती लय
हाताला चांदणरातीच्या
चोरस्पर्शाची सय