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Mask (मास्क)

Brushing my hair
Wearing the pair
of ill-fitting footwear
I step out

A broad smile on face
Worry I less(?)
Go to the same place

I greet them nice
in sweet little voice
Everyone should think
“She is so great, or Harmless(?)”

All-day long, I type, type, type
I scroll, scroll, scroll
I click, click, click
Rarely I click
With Someone real

As the Sun goes down
Darkness starts to frown
I come back to the place
I call home

And as I undress
Break down in pieces
For the outfit was nothing
but a mask

I collect the parts falling
Go to him crawling
And he glues me back

He looks at me with
a little love, a little pity(?)
Don’t know
Probably just empathy

He is getting tired though
And I really don’t know
How to fix this

And everytime I shatter
Lose tiny bits of me that matter
glued back together like
a modern art

The piece of art
that’s disturbed at heart
I color it in new shade the next day
A shade that ‘they’ might like

Again Next day I dress up
and brush my hair
Then wear the pair
of my ill-fitting footwear

Putting a smile
I Step outside
and drag myself
To the world of Masks