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I want to write something
that will touch your soul
I want to write something,
To make you fall In love…

Maybe I will write about love
Or how I love him
Or how he makes my life,
a better story written on pink pages.

But I know nothing of love…
As good, as I know of anger
The fire of red and yellow,
coming from my stomach,
about something unjust and unbearable
or something truly imaginary.

Or maybe, maybe I will write
about helplessness, hopelessness,
and of that gloomy realization

Knowing my hands are tied and my mouth sealed
I have come to learn,
That I cannot write to touch your soul
For mine is caged behind the bars
Of responsibility and reality


She stole his heart.
And kept it in a box,
Together with her own
In a pretty wooden box
that she always carried around

Locking them together
She smiled to herself,
She knew what’s gonna happen
The hearts are gonna grow
Their beats will rhyme,
Their arteries will merge
It will be an art to look at,
It will be a soothing harmony…
One of its kind.

Little did she know
In that pretty wooden box
Her heart was branching out
Smothering his heart
With its wine-red tentacles

She carried the box around
All proud of herself
That she had finally found the one
The one to take care of ‘her heart’

His heart was getting bluer
As the days passed
The oblivious lady just swayed
Her skirt whirled as she twirled
And His blood curdled
She never knew

One day when she got over herself
She took the fancy key
To open the lock
She did find them merged,
Into one.
Only to realize
It was an artist’s worst nightmare
The beats were beating loud
Her ears cracked open
She wanted to scream
But couldn’t hear herself
She wanted to cry but her eyes bled themselves

She took the key in haste
Shut the flap with all the strength
Locked the pretty box
Wiped her eyes with her flowy skirt
She swayed her way out into the world
With a smile on her face
And a vile heart in the case