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When I see people in love

It makes me smile

It gives me hope

And makes life worthwhile

When she reads his message

And tell her friends it’s so cheesy

But secretly blushes

And sends back a kissie

He looks at her fight with rage

And doesn’t know what to do

But she falls in his arms crying

And he knows he loves her too

He had met her in an arranged setting

Something clicked and they started meeting

Their parents are now poles apart

And she is becoming his life’s part

She is sitting in canteen sipping on tea

Glancing at the new guy

He sees her and smiles

Her heart rate goes up high

All these stories, some long,

Some short

Some will last forever

Some were worth a shot

And then there’s us

Running since morning

Chatting over phone,

“Remind me of telling you what happened in office today”

-“Not before I tell you how effed up was my day”

But the night comes with kisses and laughter

Though sometimes we sleep with our backs towards each other

And then I see people in love

I realize it’s a good time to be alive

I hope everyone finds their true love

And may it last for lifetime! ❤


I want to write something
that will touch your soul
I want to write something,
To make you fall In love…

Maybe I will write about love
Or how I love him
Or how he makes my life,
a better story written on pink pages.

But I know nothing of love…
As good, as I know of anger
The fire of red and yellow,
coming from my stomach,
about something unjust and unbearable
or something truly imaginary.

Or maybe, maybe I will write
about helplessness, hopelessness,
and of that gloomy realization

Knowing my hands are tied and my mouth sealed
I have come to learn,
That I cannot write to touch your soul
For mine is caged behind the bars
Of responsibility and reality