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Book Reviews

‘Dureghi’ is a unique platform for promoting literature online. In book review section of this site, reader can add reviews for books in the catalog. There are very few websites, where you can find Marathi books for readers review comments and we want to be prominent player for Marathi book reviews. ‘Dureghi’ hosts free book reviews available for any book lover. Reviews on this website are not written by academics but by regular but sensible readers who feel their reading experience matters to someone else meaningfully. Sooner book reviewers on this site will form active club of book lovers, who will meet regularly through Hangout, Facebook and Twitter. We will publish monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest books, ebooks, short movies, web series and blog series. Welcome to ‘Dureghi’ and start your review comments on books in the catalog. If you wish to add any book for review, please contact us.